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Based in Los Angeles, Holy Crow Jazz Band performs old-time jazz and blues from the 1900s throughout the 1930s.  The band’s repertoire includes many popular and obscure songs recorded by such artists as King Oliver, Bessie Smith, Bix Beiderbecke, Jabbo Smith, Louis Armstrong, Cliff Edwards, as well as original compositions.

Holy Crow is led by Mario J. Maggio (clarinet/sax/guitar) and Jessy Carolina (vocals/percussion) and features the finest musicians in Southern California including:

Trumpet- Charles De Castro, Barbara Laronga, Corey Gemme

Trombone- Justin Reubenstein

Guitar- David Elsenbroich, Luca Pino, Bob Parins

Banjo- Conrad Cayman, Patrick Morrison, Joseph Faison

Tuba- Bob Aul, Brandon Armstrong

Bass- Marquis Howell, Lakshmi Ramirez

Piano- Chris Dawson, Andrew Barrett

Holy Crow Jazz Band transports audience members back through the times of feel-good Prohibition era speakeasies where people were untroubled by consequence, and hardships of the Depression era, when music seemed to be the only cure for sorrow and loss.

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